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You run a fantastic blog! I'm also a cosplayer and I was wondering where you got your wig? Mine it getting very close to retirement age and yours is a lovely shade.

[Thank you very much! My Grell wig is from the Ebay seller Wig Glamour! It’s been a really sturdy and great wig so far and I love the color more than a lot of the other reds I’ve seen, so I’d definitely reccommend it. As well Epic Cosplay has a really gorgeous shade of red that I’ve bought in shorter length for another costume (I like their red better than Arda’s red, actually) and would probably also work for Grell because they have really high-quality wigs. Hopefully you can find a new wig that works for you, it’s haaaard retiring one. (Grell’s wig needs a really good conditioner bath, brushing and restyling since it’s been so long since I’ve worn her and I’m a little afraid to try and deal with that, I envy the new-wig shine and body that comes with a brand new wig, siiiiigh.)]


This post is OOC,so feel free to ignore it, but I just want to give some info on when I’ll be updating and the reason for the unannounced hiatus. I know it’s been a long LONG time since I posted here and I feel like now that some stuff in my life has been smoothed out a little I can make a post concretely promising to be back soon.
Long story short, what happened was college and finals combined with overstretching myself timewise and budgetwise for Middle Tennessee Anime Con, which turned out to be one of the most stressful cons I’d been to yet due to the pre-con crunch of trying to finish too many costumes while maintaining homework. After MTAC I expected to have pictures and stories to fill the blog with, but sadly MTAC ended up being a mostly stressful and unhappy con due to being SO DAMN EXHAUSTED since we had to finish many of our costumes on the day we wanted to wear them, which resulted in  us missing out on some con experience. After getting back from MTAC it was time for finals- and I also ended up sick as a dog, something I’ve only just gotten over in the past week.
After all that was said and done, I had to move out of student housing and now I’m FINALLY settled in an apartment with my girlfriend and our best friend. Sadly that doesn’t mean I can update just yet- I’m balancing summer classes with unpacking, so it may be a few weeks before I can even FIND all the pieces of my Grell cosplay. But it does come with good news- this blog is not dead! It’ll be a while, but I’ll now have easier access to the camera and props and better help photographing, as well as a completely overhauled and re-done Undertaker costume from my girlfriend that she’ll be all too happy to guest star in. I can’t promise anything soon, but I’ve been longingly staring at the asks in my askbox wishing I could answer them. I thank everyone who’s still following me for the patience and for dealing with the huge hiatus! Grell and I both love all of you and she does hope you can forgive her~

As it turns out, I haven’t had nearly the time to get into cosplay and take pictures this past week that I’ve wanted to or needed. As a result, I missed updating AGAIN last weekend and will be again this weekend.

But I assure you, it’s for a very good reason (which leads to my announcement!)


If anyone lives in the South US and is hitting up Middle Tennessee Anime Con, you can be on the lookout for me there! So far my cosplay schedule is something like:

Friday: Snow Queen from the webcomic Oglaf. I’ll be with a large group of Oglaf cosplayers for most of the day, but come that evening I’ll be changing into either my Ronald Knox or Grell cosplay so I can attend the two Kuroshitsuji panels happening (Most especially the late-night Adult Kuro panel happening… should be fun ;D) My girlfriend will probably be in her Eric Slingby costume at the time, and my friend Jordan is returning as William!

Saturday: Kuroshitsuji day! I’m going to be Ronald Knox or Grell again (depending on reaction- I’m probably leaning towards Ronnie if there aren’t many Ronnies there, but I do adore being Grell so much!) and my girlfriend will be Undertaker while our William is… once again William.

and Sunday: Probably a Homestuck day! Look for me as Clubs Deuce of the Midnight Crew, with my girlfriend as Hearts Boxcars and my friend Jordan as Diamonds Droog and our friend Heather as Spade Slick! (We may even see a friend we made last con return as Snowman @w@)

So the reason I haven’t had time to update this blog is because everyone is working really hard right now on cosplay and balancing college work with it. (I have a huge deadline the day we leave for MTAC, so i’m going to be rushing a lot to make sure I get everything done.)

A couple of the questions which I can answer in front of my webcam I might do, since I really adore some of the questions I’ve gotten and I want to give them good answers, but I’m afraid I can’t  make my usual quality GIFS and set up proper photo equipment for now. That being said… Thank you all so much for your patience and I really love this blog. I would love it if I saw some of you at MTAC!!



Also OMG Ciel how anime can you get

for comparison see Rei above

I-Its not like I wanted to eat that toast late!


Quit being so tsun-tsun Ciel, you know all you want is a better breakfast than some cruddy toast

Let Mama Grell make you a homecooked meal~


ASK-IRL GRELL JUST BROKE 100 FOLLOWERS! There are now 101 of you like those darling little dalmatians in that Disney movie!!!

I want to reward you somehow! I can arrange for a livestream or tinychat or the like, but I’m not sure what time would be best and if anyone would show up. I can also do a special week of some sort where I answer questions along a theme- TMI time? Cooking with Undertaker? William is a surly asshole as usual? I could let people hear my voice or throw up a few video clips- anything that people would like to see that I haven’t done yet!

But I don’t know what YOU want, and this is a reward to all of you for following me <3 So any suggestions, drop me a line or a fan mail or something and I will see what I can do!

I also want to point out that I currently have 3 questions in my inbox- which means I won’t be able to post 2 a day next weekend like usual unless I get some more. I have a few things that I might can film and post in absence of questions, but I want to answer anything my sweet followers have to say!

I’ll end the wall of text now and leave you be, I just wanted to thank everyone thus far who has sent me questions, reblogged or followed <3 you’ve all been wonderful and I appreciate it immensely. I love running this blog and I want to keep on! 

Only after I’ve had an ESPE~CIALLY good night.

Ciel Phantomhive? It will most DEFINITELY never happen that he’d love me! He’s an utter brat, and he still blames me for his aunt’s death. He’s called me a “homo” and used me to get what he wants and…. he makes me so M~A~D~!!!!


I suppose I could TRY to love him, but he would have to grow~ up~ quite a bit. Maybe if he looked more like that handsome father of his~

Of course, even if I were to try, that pet demon of his would never let me get close… 

Well haaaay~ Big Daddy Trancy. You know how the hoe life is. I’m out here working this street corner for Y~O~U, after all.

But seriously, how about a pay raise? I’m your top dollar hoe!

Well, a Shinigami has certain tools at her disposal…

Sometimes I need to ensure a person dies at the right time and place for me to collect, after all!

Of course, I’d never do something so careless as leaving mine lying around where some silly fool could get their hands on it.

Oh, thanks god! I thought you left us ;;;

I wouldn’t dream~ of it!

((Really sorry about the absence ;-; I’m a college student and midterms hit, so I had no time to take pictures and I only had a few questions so I wanted to make them last. I should be back to posting regularly, I hope.))